The key concepts covered in week four are:


Authenticity vs. Anonymity:

Authenticity is the attribution of your self on the web. Anonymity is you, but as a private person on the web, no identification can be tracked from you.



Cookies is a small data that is sent from a website in order to store a user’s history of webpages or links that have been logged on to.



Remediation is the representation of one medium in another medium. It is new digital media that is somewhat taken from old media.


Many user’s find this a problem of copyright. The solution is to keep sharing ideas.  Generally, these days many people are modifying new ideas, or putting in their own ideas together with other peoples.


Cyber crime:


       Cyber bullying: Using the internet to harm people. i.e. threatening or harassing people by getting other to participate in this subject matter.

       Identity theft and crime: The use of another persons data to gain money or other means of personal gain.

       Spam: Is an electronic messaging system where junk email is sent to you that may scam you or break/crash into your computer and access all your personal data.



Ways to protect your computer:


If you have firefox, check your preferences and make sure you bock sites that are tracking you. A good way to see how many sites that may be tracking you is to download “collusion”. This program allows you to see clusters of cookies which are tracking you on your computer.